Friends of George Ward Park started as an Alabama non-profit 501(c)(4) group whose mission is to preserve, protect and enhance George Ward Park, a public park owned and operated by the City of Birmingham, and the surrounding Glen Iris Neighborhood on August 28, 2008.  We are now an Alabama non-profit 501(c)3 public charity which went into effect November 26, 2010.

To join our email list and receive meeting agendas and meeting reminders please email secretary@friendsofgeorgewardpark.org.

Some of this year’s activities:

Prioritizing what needs help first.  We are looking to hire a hydrologist to help us with erosion control at the park to insure the success of the reforestation project.

Reforestation Project: This is part of a five year project that the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Little Garden Club, Red Mountain Garden Club, the Glen Iris Neighborhood Association and Friends of George Ward Park have started to plant native trees in Birmingham’s George Ward Park.

When George Ward Park was created in the early 1900s (as Green Springs Park), it was heavily wooded; but over time, soil erosion, weather and human interference has taken its toll on the trees.  Since 1925, almost no native seedlings have germinated and grown beneath the parent trees.  Henry Hughes, Director of Education at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, has been collecting seeds from these original older park trees, and has germinated and grown seedlings such as Blackjack Oak, Post Oak and Red Maple in a greenhouse at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  On October 24th, 2009, over 100 of these seedlings were planted. Subsequently, in October 2010, over 110 newly grown seedlings were planted to reinforce this growth.  FoGWP and GINA members have been collecting clippings, brush and leaves to spread around the primary reforestation area, as well as a secondary reforestation area at the intersection of Green Springs Highway and Green Springs Avenue,  to restore the natural topsoil and help prevent erosion.

Birmingham’s First Dog Park: Friends of George Ward Park supports Bark for a Park, www.barkforapark.org, a non-profit committed to getting dog parks throughout Birmingham.  We are happy to have George Ward Park as the first of such parks and will assist to help this group make the dog park a success.